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Youth Centre Marttinen


Youth Centre Marttinen is an international course, camp and tourist centre that is specialised in youth work. Marttinen Youth Centre is one of ten Finnish course and camp centres for children and young people that are funded and supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Youth hotels

Our facilities

  • Restaurant 

  • Coffee shop
Meeting room

  • Sports hall with climbing wall and meeting room.  

  • 10 meeting rooms sizes from 12 to 200 people in the Marttinens area. 

  • Sauna . It is also possible to relax at sauna, there are several different saunas at Marttinen.
Old Vicarage of Marttinen

  • Beautiful Old Vicarage of Marttinen for meetings, seminars and family parties like weddings.

We also have computers in every meeting room with video shooter


  • Youth Hotel with three separate buildings with 25 rooms and a total of 112 beds. All the rooms have a private shower + toilet and 2-6 beds.
    Room from youth hotel

    -All hotel buildings have a lounge where you can make yourself a cup of tea, watch some TV and spend time with your friends. A cabinet drier for wet clothes is in common use. There is a view to the lake from the porch.

  • 11 cabins with 85 beds with 3-4 bedrooms, living room with tv and DVD-player, kitchen, 2 toilets and a sauna. All the cabins have a view to a lake.

  • We have 200 bed place in 2-4 persons rooms. Accommodation is in cottages and wooden houses.

We also have play grounds for children. Great hiking routes in forests for hiking. We have a lot of opportunities for climbing: ice climbing, climb on the rocks, high rope way, indoor climbing, bouldering wall. It is even possible to get down from the old railway bridge with ropes.

 Traditional Village of Virrat
We organize guided museum tours and “time travels” in and around the traditional village for visitors of any ages.
Old vicarage of Marttinen

• Time travels into the Finnish history 

• War museum 

• Rajalahti - old farm house building

• Museum of the old forest workers 

• Exhibitions during the summer 
• Performances and events about traditional work during the summer

• Guided tours in English and Finnish 

• Horses all round year 

• Other animals during the summer 

Marttinen and traditional village of Virrat

we have about 20 000 young visitors( young people under 29 years old) in our programs every year

-We organize: International programs, camps, youth exchange programs, training, Voluntary service programs, nature school programs; environmental education programs and activities for school classes and youth groups, Adventure programs, recreation daysSocial youth work, Seminars, family parties and holidays 

-We also participate in international activities with trainings, seminars, Youth excahnges, camps and EVS programs

-Winter time you can ski, do a trip with kick sledges, play marling, go to snow walk trip, experience ice climbing or do winter fishing. 

-Marttinen is surrounded by lakes. It is possible to swim in the lake or go ice swimming in the winter. 

-It is also possible to do archery, art works, go fishing, do trips to national parks etc. We have a special interest for learning through adventures.

-There is a good possibility for canoeing as well as rowing a boat. At Marttinen you and your group can do a trip with pump cars at a museum railway!

Our regular staff is 26 people. 
We are also partners of: Ministry of education, municipalities youth work, regional youth work and Social work. 


For more information, visit our website here!
Download our brochure here!

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